asset management


Asset Management: Our relationship with a client is crystalised in a discretionary mandate, taking full responsibility in investment decisions or in an advisory mandate, giving advice to clients on investment opportunities where the client bears the final responsibility for any investment decision.

The clients’ assets are not deposited at vandaalen, but at a custodian bank chosen by the client. The same applies to the financial centre.

We have been working for over twenty years with leading institutions in private banking.

The discretionary mandate

We define together the investment profile which best matches the client’s expectation in terms of risk and goals. In order to generate performance, we are flexible within each class of asset management. We therefore differentiate ourselves from a pure passive investment management style. This approach allows us to combine opportunism with capital protection.

The advisory mandate

According to the risk profile of the client, we present investment proposals to the client for approval. The client remains in control of all investment decisions.


Our remuneration consists of our management fee. This fee is degressive according to the amount. Fixed management fees will be applied to all portfolios. In some cases, a combination of both a reduced management fee and a performance fee will also be considered.

relationship-asset management-diagram